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Remote access requires

establishing communications

between a modem and a ground vibration monitor, between a modem and a PC or laptop, and between the modems. Setups vary depending on the type of modem. Modems using a direct connect telephone line are configured differently than wireless modems, or radio modems. In addition, a ground vibration monitor connected directly to a remote PC or laptop that has a wireless or a cell phone connection is a unique application. This setup offers a way to access remote ground vibration data using a company’s previously well established method for to connecting to remote laptop or PC using the internet or wireless cell phone connections.


Remote Access Basic Setup
Remote Access Basic Setup


The general idea is to establish a connection between a computer and a modem, then a ground vibration monitor and a modem, and then the connections between the home computer and remote modem. The following lessons are intended to assist with this process.


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