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• Ground vibration monitor handling must be done with care. Do not drop, kick, hit, force, throw, submerge any Instantel monitor or its accessories.

• Keep the vibration monitor charged. Battery maintenance is an important part of vibration monitor handling. If the battery has fewer than two bars, it beeps, or a message appears telling you to charge the battery, immediately charge the battery. It is a good idea to charge the ground vibration monitor when not in use. Overcharging is not possible.

vibration monitor handling
Vibration monitor handling


• Always connect or disconnect a cable by its connector. Do not pull on the cord. Likewise, never force a connector. Always align the connector to the port before inserting.

• Use only the Instantel cable supplied to connect the vibration monitor to a personal computer .

• Never connect or disconnect cables without first turning off the ground vibration monitor and your computer.

• Do not drop the vibration monitor or submerge it in liquids. Instantel ground vibration monitors are rugged and designed to withstand normal wear and tear. They are splash resistant designed to withstand temporary exposure to drops of water. It is not waterproof and should not be immersed in water. Immersing the monitor or installing the monitor where standing water may accumulate will damage the monitor.

• Keep computer disks away from the ground vibration monitors and their transducers. The geophones inside the models with an internal transducer and external transducers contain magnets that could erase the data stored on computer disks.

• Cleaning the monitors periodically is a good vibration monitor handling practice. Vacuum dust, dirt, and sand from Instantel’s ground vibration monitors. Use alcohol to remove stains. Do not use paint thinners and ketone solvents. These may damage the vibration monitors. To avoid scratching the protective cover and display, do not scrub the surfaces with abrasive material including cleaning pads.

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