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Ground Vibration Monitoring Course (s)

are intended to assist engineers, geophysicists, geologist, construction supervisors,

and others with the operation of Instantel’s Minimate Plus and Blastmate III ground vibration monitors. A ground vibration monitoring course has been created for many of the routine and daily operations an operator uses with Instantel’s blasting seismographs. The site is an ongoing effort, so please excuse some of the construction debris.

Remote Access Basic Setup

Remote Monitoring

Remote access requires establishing communications between a modem and a ground vibration monitor, between a modem and a PC or ...
Ground Vibration Monitor Geophone and Microphone Installation

Ground Vibration Monitor Geophone and Microphone Installation

Master the methods of ground vibration monitor geophone and microphone installation. Learn how to install a geophone in a multitude ...
ground vibration monitor battery care

Ground Vibration Monitor Battery Care

Learn the importance of Ground Vibration Monitor Battery Care. When using a ground vibration monitor, battery care is important. Often, ...
Blastware Software CD

Blastware Software

Blastware software is a Windows based companion for Instantel's ground vibration monitors. Learn to install Blastware on a personal computer ...
Blastmate III Operation

Blastmate III Operation

Discover the versatility of the Instantel Blastmate III Operation. This course contains lessons about basic installation and operation to ensure ...
MiniMate Plus operation

Minimate Plus Operation

Explore the Instantel Minimate Plus Operation. This course contains lessons about basic MiniMate Plus operation as well as specific settings ...
Ground Vibration Monitor USB Adaptor

Ground Vibration Monitor USB Adaptor

Connect with a Ground Vibration Monitor USB Adaptor. When a computer does not have a serial cable port, a USB ...
Ground Vibration Monitor Handling Precautions

Ground Vibration Monitor Handling Precautions

Ground vibration monitor handling is of upmost importance for a safe and productive survey. Handle all Instantel ground vibration monitors ...

Please let us know at Vibration Monitoring Course .com what you would like to see more of. If you have a construction site that requires monitoring, a blasting application, a pile driving project, or other application that requires ground vibration monitoring, air blast or over pressure monitoring, or noise monitoring let us know what you need. Provide us with a enough lead time to develop a lesson pertaining to your specific application. Once  you have a chance to visit lessons at Vibration Monitoring Course .com you will see that there is a personal approach on many of the topics. It has been our focus to assist with minimizing information that does not pertain to applications that are seldom used. For example, the vibration monitoring course on remote sensing discusses how to configure US Robotics modems for  use with a standard non-wireless telephone connection. This method of transferring or downloading data is one of the most reliable techniques offered. However, it can be a challenge to connect and program the modems. Modems that are rented via Vibration Monitoring Course .com arrive preprogramed and ready to be customized at your office or home base. If there is a problem, the vibration monitoring course offers lessons that take the operator step by step through the programming process.

Vibration Monitoring Course Rental
Vibration Monitoring Course Rental

The same equipment that is used in a vibration monitoring course

shown above, can be rented from K. D. Jones Instruments, for example, microphones, portable power supplies, portable printers, and other specialized equipment. We are interested in assisting with your project. If we can not find an answer we hope to find someone who can.

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