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1) Unpack the Instantel ground vibration monitor and attach the three ground spikes to the geophone. Do not over tighten.

2) Point the arrow on the geophone towards the direction of the event. Press on either the ground vibration monitor’s protective cover (internal geophone) or transducer (external geophone) so that the spikes fully insert into the ground, making sure that the geophone is level.

MiniMate Soft Surface Install
Internal Geophone Soft Surface Install
Ground Vibration Monitor Soft Surface Installation
Transducer Soft Surface Install


3) If using the microphone, screw its three stand sections together. Aiming the front of the microphone towards the event, press the microphone stand firmly into the ground in an upright position.

4) Connect the microphone cable to the microphone port located on the side of the ground vibration monitor. For further microphone instructions, click here.


Ground Vibration Monitor Soft Surface Installation Completed!

MiniMate Plus Setup Picture
Ground Vibration Monitor Setup
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