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While nonmembers can contact us to receive more information and to view much of the site, only individuals who subscribed to Vibration Monitoring Course (.com) have access to lessons. Subscribers of have access to a multitude of lessons with picture tutorials that aim to assist in conducting a ground vibration monitoring survey. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly approach for learning how to use an Instantel ground vibration monitor.

To Contact Vibration Monitoring Course .com,

please use the contact subscribe form below. Provide as much information about your project and any other details that will help us assist you. If we do not have an immediate answer for you we will do our best to find someone who can. Instantel, its factory representatives, and many federal, state, and local government agencies have resources that can direct you. If you find that you were not provided site specific requirements, check with your client to see what they are contracted to monitor. If site specific ground vibration monitoring or air blast – overpressure monitoring specifications are not provided, check with appropriate authorities to determine if statutes, ordinances or other regulations apply to the project.

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To Subscriber to Vibration Monitoring Course ,

please use the contact subscribe form below or call the 800 number. The contact subscribe form is used for both tasks and won’t sign you up as a subscriber until you make a request. Customers who rent equipment are allowed access to the site so they can become familiar with how to use Instantel’s Minimate Plus and Blastemate III ground vibration monitoring seismographs. Individuals who are planning to rent equipment are often provide access before renting for the same reasons.

As noted in other places of Vibration Monitoring Course (.com), by accessing this site or subscribing to this website you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth by  Please view these Terms of Use and Conditions before subscribing.

Other Geophysical Applications

Ground vibration monitoring is a fairly focused discipline that often falls under engineering or geophysics. Together, these two areas of study combine to form engineering geophysics. Engineering geophysics covers a wide range of near surface applications that often involve characterizing groundwater, soil conditions, bedrock, contamination, buried underground storage tanks, landfills, and mineral exploration. Click on this link to find out more about EngineeringGeophysics_com. This site offers resources to find geophysical equipment to rent as well as geophysical services.

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