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Instantel’s complete line of BlastMate III accessories offer you the control and flexibility to monitor all types of events.

Extra Event Memory – 300 event capacity standard and 1500 optional, for one second 4 channel events at 1024 samples per second.

External Standard Transducer – 2 to 300 Hz frequency response.

High Frequency Uniaxial Geophone – for high frequency recording.

4.5 Hertz Uniaxial Geophone − horizontal and vertical models.

Low Level Triaxial Geophone − measures low level vibrations. Two models are offered with the following ranges: 2.54 mm/sec (0.1 in/sec), and 25.4 mm/sec (1 in/sec).

High Frequency Accelerometer

Hydrophone Sensor − underwater sensor with 200 ft. (60 m) cable.

VOD Module − records velocity of detonation of an explosive to assess blasting efficiency.

Cable Line Driver − provide long distance monitoring using Series III extension cables.

Transducer Leveling Plate – with adjustable leveling feet and integrated bubble level. Used to mount the standard transducer to a wall or ceiling as well as ground installations.

Two Microphone Types – Linear “L” or “A” Weight – Linear “L” for air pressure measurement affecting structures and “A” Weight for human response.

High Pressure Microphone − measures air pressure up to 5.0 psi (34.5 kPa).

Remote Alarm – self contained remote alarm indicator complete with high power auxiliary drive capability for external sirens and other alarms.

DS 20 Wire Trigger – a wire, broken by an explosion, transmits a signal to trigger the BlastMate III to start recording.

120 VAC and 220 VAC Adapter – connect the BlastMate III to your local electrical power supply.

Auto / 12 V Adapter – connect the BlastMate III to your vehicle’s 12 volt power supply or a 12 volt battery for remote installations.

Extension Cable – general purpose extension cable to connect transducers, microphones, and a personal computer. Available in standard and custom lengths.

Null Modem Cable – for modem communication between the monitor and a modem.

Accessory Case – carry BlastMate III accessories in a hard case, similar to the BlastMate Series III case. Removable foam accommodates your accessories.


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