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Ground Vibration Monitor Geophone and Microphone Installation
MiniMate Plus Microphone and Stand

Master the methods of ground vibration monitor geophone and microphone installation.


Learn how to install a geophone in a multitude of different applications. Whether its a simple installation on soft dirt, attaching a monitor to concrete, or burying a monitor under dirt, this course will provide simple instructions. Both internal and external transducers are discussed. Microphone installation and basic setup information is also offered.


ground vibration monitor hard surface installation

Ground Vibration Monitor Hard Surface Installation

For ground vibration monitor hard surface installation such as rock, concrete or solid ice, the preferred installation method bolts the ...
ground vibration monitor microphone

Ground Vibration Monitor Microphone Installation

Installing the Instantel Ground Vibration Monitor Microphone An Instantel ground vibration monitor microphone comes with a sectional three foot mounting ...
MiniMate Soft Surface Install

Ground Vibration Monitor Soft Surface Installation

1) Unpack the Instantel ground vibration monitor and attach the three ground spikes to the geophone. Do not over tighten ...
Ground Vibration Monitor Transducer Burial

Ground Vibration Monitor Transducer Burial

You can bury the ground vibration monitor transducer (internal or external) to couple it to the ground and prevent movement ...
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